Gold in the slum

This is an intervention to densely populated areas in Lagos with high rate of prostitution with HIV/AIDs prevalence due to extreme poverty. The intervention is aimed at alternative education, skill acquisition and sexual health education for young people between ages 13-21

Save a Child

A Child power education community initiative that empowers ages 3-10 against sex predators fc

Predator Buster

This is a campaign in public primary schools in rural areas to teach child protection techniques. Students are handed Predator Buster Kits which includes an Anti predator books, facial masks and writing materials.

Mama Bobo

This is an intervention that is aimed at raising the men of the future through the Out of the Box Parenting template.

We notice that mothers have the greatest influence on the upbringing of a lot of the male children in some of the rural communities so we create a capacity building training that can effectively equip them with the skills required to raise the boy of the future who will promote gender equality