This is The ONLY Chance You'll Ever Get To Protect Your Children From The Negative Effects of Divorce

Why Choose Us

Going through a divorce can be a stressful and emotional time, and it’s important to also consider the effects it has on your children.

Some of these effects can range from aggressive behaviour to depression, anxiety, negative thoughts toward self, defiant behaviour and talking back when told to do something or not do something.

If you’re divorced and have noticed any of these things in your child(ren), you need to pay attention to this piece.

If you haven’t noticed any of these things in your children and feel this doesn’t concern you, you’re wrong. Here’s why:

Some children are very good at pretending or suppressing their feelings. If one ignores children like this, they will turn to vices like:

I can continue but that wouldn’t do you any good.

What will on the other hand is a program called Harmony Haven. This program has been crafted specifically for children whose parents are:

If you belong to any of these categories, you need to enrol your children in this program.


When couples go through a divorce, the right thing to do next is to enrol their children in therapy to help them cope with their new circumstance.

The therapist will help the children process their feelings and move forward without any psychological or emotional injury. The therapist will explain divorce to the children in a way that the parents could never.

After therapy, the child will be whole and strong enough to go through life.

✔️ No defiant behaviour

✔️ No aggression

✔️ No truancy

✔️ No depression

✔️ No desire to engage in any vice

Your child will give you peace of mind

Now, you might not believe it but I will let you know regardless.


Harmony Haven is cheaper and more efficient.

For 20,000 naira, your child will have access to transformational therapists and a community.

During the program, your children will:

Learn that the divorce wasn’t their fault

Learn how to build the right relationships (you don’t want them fraternizing with the wrong crowd to find comfort and feel a sense of belonging)

Discover who they are outside their parents’ marriage

And much more


To really help the kids, we open the gates to this program just ONCE a year, so if you’re interested, this is your chance.

This opportunity might come again next year and it might not but it will certainly not happen again this year

Remember, this program will help your children:

Cope with their new situation

Build a life that’s free from the effects of divorce

Realize that the divorce wasn’t their fault

Discover who they are

Still have questions? Let's tackle some:

What age group is Harmony Haven suitable for?

The program is designed for children aged 8 - 18

What if my child misses a session? Will they fall behind?

While we encourage consistent attendance to reap the full benefits of the program, we understand that life can sometimes get in the way. If your child misses a session, they will get a replay and will still be able to ask questions if they have any.

Will my child receive support after completing the program?

Absolutely. Our commitment to your child's well-being extends beyond the duration of the program. We offer ongoing support and resources to help them continue their journey of growth and healing even after completing the program.