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Center for Sex Education and Family Life (aka Family Center) exists to assist individuals and families find peace and wellness within themselves and their society.

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After you sign up, we will match you to an available counsellor/therapist who fits your objectives, and counselling needs. We help you find the right person who can achieve the best results for you.

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We have a range of certified, trained, experienced, and accredited professionals ready to serve you

Meet Our Counsellors


Ebun is a professional Guidance counselor, a life and mind coach who uses the tools of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Psycho Trauma Healing and Family System Engineering for therapy and re-patterning. She helps people discover their purpose in life while uncovering their innate abilities and hidden potential



Family Life Practitioner and a Community Mental Health Trainer Zuriel Oluwabukunola Olowe is a lawyer, an emotional intelligence specialist, a play therapist, addiction recovery educator, a crisis intervention counselor, a child sexual abuse prevention educator and also an own your essence coach.


Mrs. Ofonime Bassey is a Certified Practitioner of Family Systems Engineering, Parent/Marriage Coach, Author of BEYOND CHILDBIRTH and a Teens Coach.
She is passionate about helping parents build a beautiful relationship with their children (especially teenagers) and vice versa. She works with and prepares singles for a blissful marriage, and helps married couples develop strategies to maintain a loving, peaceful, and intimate relationship.


Ayo Lawrence is a highly efficient people and systems organiser, solving complex problems that deliver personal and organisational bliss. She is a Professional Counsellor and Coach who uses the NeuroLinguistic Programming and Family Systems Engineering tools to help her clients attain clarity, healing, wholeness and balanced living. She coordinates and provides several professional counselling and intervention programmes with her team. She is passionate about the home front and the family unit, and believe in preparing the next generation for life and leadership in their spheres of influence.


She is a certified Performance Consultant and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which affords her the competence to use therapeutic tools to help clients identify and heal unresolved childhood traumas, grief processing and many psychological roadblocks hindering a healthy lifestyle. She is an Associate practitioner with the Institute of Family Systems Engineering and Development and a member of Family Systems Engineering Professionals. She is a certified Mediator from International Mediation Campus, Germany, with specialty in Family Mediation. She also uses the Gottman Institute, Canada, research-based Emotion Coaching tools to help families recover their relationships


Nnenne Ben- Ekechukwu is an Integrative Life Coach with a specialization in parenting counseling and child/preteen mental wellbeing. She works with school children within and outside Nigeria to promote family inclusivity, body positivity, wellness, self-accountability, and mastery.


I am air, i give people a reason to live, love and breathe, i am light, i bring clarity and understanding, i am unconditional love, i love because it is who i am. I am a life giver and a king maker at ‘Owning My greatness’ platform. I am an example on earth that God exists


Michelle Emoghware is a certified Family Life Coach from the IFED, working with Parents and Educators to ensure the total well-being of the child She is also a professional Counsellor and certified CBT Practitioner.


Matthew ‘Femi-Adedoyin is an Educator, Certified Family Life Coach, Addiction Recovery Therapist, Sexuality Educator and Developmental Psychologist. He is a dynamic and prolific teacher, humorist, strategist, maverick and blend of gifts.


Miracle Ihuoma is a dynamic Speaker, Author, Clinical Psychologist, a Life Coach and a Spiritual Shepherd. He is a graduate of Psychology and has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. He has attended several other informal trainings such as Daystar Leadership Academy, Headstone Speaker’s Academy, Family System Engineering Certification course, intensive training course on marriage and parenting with Oak Life Ministries, Canada, Trauma prevention and management from Association for Trauma outreach and prevention, USA, Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from The Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, USA


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