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Community unrest, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, gender inequality and illiteracy have common roots starting with beliefs systems that places a gender above the other and feels a man is able to do whatever he feels at every point in time which has led to all forms of gender violence.
Our ruthless focus is hinged on our quest to solve the following problems across various communities in Africa;

  1. Gender inequalities
  2. Deficient education systems
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Child sexual abuse prevention & response
  6. High rate of youths’ unemployment
  7. Peace and security in communities

We are creating a peace hub across various communities where He stands for She and He and She partners to stand for HUMANITY in creating a society that partners for progress.

Family center aligns with 5 United Nations Sustainable Development goals:

Goal 1. No poverty
Goal 3. Good health
Goal 4. Quality Education
Goal 5. Gender Equality
Goal 10.Reduced Inequalities
Goal 16. Peace and Justice

which we carry out under our projects that focuses on;