The center for Sex Education and Family life

About Family Center Africa

The center for Sex Education and Family life, is an integrated family life support organization that promotes the dignity of humanity through innovative family life solutions & professional practice geared at creating a peaceful society

At the Sex Centre, we thrive in:

  • Promoting the dignity of humanity through effective family life interventions
  • Connecting troubled families & vulnerable people with the most comprehensive family life professional solutions
  • Creating effective solutions to family life problems through research work
  • Creating enabling environment for the wholesome development of the child through child sexual abuse prevention & response & effective parenting intervention programs.
  • Assisting communities in creating interventions that delivers a peaceful environment where the potentials of everyone finds expressions.

Our Vision

To assist individuals & families find peace & wellness within themselves and their society.

Our Mission

To promote the dignity of persons in third world nations through effective family life solutions.

Wired into the DNA of the Sex Centre
are the following traits:


  • Honour: We promote and encourage respect for all human relationships.
  • Empathy: We appreciate and understand the situation of all the people who deal with us.
  • Integrity: We constantly strive to align our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Passion: We will go the extra mile.
  • Capacity: We work hard to be the best at what we do. We will improve each time.
  • Creativity: We are originators of innovative solutions.

Our Interventions include but not limited to the following;

Family life response & case management

We run diagnosis, analysis and manage family life challenges. We have skilled professionals who run therapy on Child sexual abuse & deviant response and Couples marital challenges including domestic violence

Family MEETING (Parenting Hub)

We run a monthly hangout where we connect parents with skilled family life professionals.

Workshops & Trainings

We deploy the family systems Engineering template to run workshops on specific aspects of family lives – Basic sexuality Education for care givers & schools
– Junior church solutions
– Couples hangout
– Anti-Predator Child sexual abuse prevention systems for schools and state governments
& Specialized classes for troubled families

Research & Interventions

The Team at Family Center Africa

We have created an awesome place where people with heart for Africa’s development can join hands to build a peaceful and wholesome Africa.

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Motolani Falabi

CEO, center for sex Education and Family life

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Ebunlomo Fawole

Chief Operations Officer

Professional Guidance Counselor and Family Life Therapist

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Yinlayefa Cynthia Senge

Head of Media Operations.

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Family Center Africa wants to address the challenges around Peace, wellness, family and society in Rural and urban communities in Africa with a deep understanding of their effect and root causes.