Impact Report for UMN

September 12, 2019
September 12, 2019 FamilyLife

Impact Report for UMN

Where do I start to itemize the indelible impact and mark UMN has made upon my life, looking back on what I have achieved and done in my short life so far can be traced to that faithful Sunday when my brother invited me to come for a meeting.

It was the most important decision I could ever have made.

The things I learnt on that day and on other Sundays after that day has culminated into the man that I have become, I made friends from the network and we are still strong after 13 years of knowing each other through that medium.

Thank God Mr Praise Fowowe yielded to God to follow the plan and vision of the network, and that vision has produced many sons and life changers.

I learnt about self esteem, leadership, courage, finance, transgenerational thinking and many more.

words would fail me to go on and on about the things I want to say, but I thank God for being a part of the movement and I believe that it can only get better with each one of the product of the network becoming an impact maker and life changer in this generation.

Thank you praise fowowe, thank you uncommon man network.

You changed my life, as you have changed other people’s lives too.

I love you.