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SEXUALITY EDUCATION from time immemorial has been known to have been one of the most controversial issues parents and schools have always had. And this is due to the fear of the right curriculum and the manpower to teach the curriculum. A lot of parents have also expressed the fear of stirring their children’s curiosity untimely. But while the debate of the appropriate curriculum is one, we have noticed a rising trend of all forms of sexualized behavior among children with same sex relationship becoming alarming in our boarding schools.

After working with various organizations in 13 states of the federation, we have sadly discovered more cases of sexual interactions among ages 6 than any other age group while the concept of ‘Fuckarama’ is spreading across various boarding schools.

With the LGBT movement now legalized in America and the pedophiles association insisting on their rights to choice of who to have feelings for. Now is the time to introduce basic sexuality education into our schools as a subject to safeguard our children from the same sex wave.


Our CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SYSTEMS (CAPS) is an intentional age appropriate sexuality education model designed to assist our schools effectively implement sexuality education as a subject.  It combines age appropriate sexuality education with character study of young people who changed the world in a way that transforms and inspires children to become world changers.


The sad reality is that transgender sex is being introduced in a couple of American schools already and while the content is not what many godly parents would want their children to be exposed to the bigger challenge is that Disney is already producing same sex cartoons which kids are exposed to from home and it is only a matter of time before Nigerian schools will begin to have cases of such interactions in the schools because whatever children see on TV they seek to practice.

Sadly, while the schools have done well with academics and some form of moral instructions we have been silent on sexuality education in a sexualized world.

What can happen if we partner together to create a desirable future by empowering our children against sex predators and the sexual perversion waves that is about to hit the world?


Our CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION SYSTEMS has been designed as an integrated system that can intentionally empower every child as well as promote the general well-being in the best interest of every child.

This process changes the dynamics for your school and creates an intentional system to produce morally sound children.


We have created a subject that can run all through the academic sessions from Nursery through the primary sessions and that can be facilitated by highly skilled personnel who are well groomed to prevent sexual abuse as well as spot children who are already victims of sexual abuse or those already to expose to various sexual behaviors.

The subject comes with a system that positions the school as a child friendly school & guarantees the protection of every child in your custody.

We have a 4 way approach to our implementation and they are as follows:


The intervention would run across the various classes once a week with assignments and tasks that would get their parents involved in the entire activity. The ultimate intention is to foster effective communication between the child, the parents and the teachers as well as make the parents a part of the entire process.


We have 5 core modules that we have developed over the years and which has been applauded as the most complete sexuality education for families across the nation. Our programs are easy to run and clear enough to effectively equip every child.



Once this process has been fully implemented you can expect to experience the following:

  • Highly skilled personnel who have what it takes to spot child sexual abuse & adequately respond.
  • A child-friendly environment where the best interest of every child is promoted at all levels.
  • An effective transformation system that equips every child against sex predators and helps them report.
  • A confident group of children who are able to assert themselves everywhere they go and effectively live out their values.
  • A seamless sexuality education system that runs by itself and checks itself.
  • A thorough child protection system assessment and recommendation.
  • Neuro-linguistic practitioner introductory sessions for teachers & counsellors

We believe that the future of our nation resides in the educational sector because education is one system that is capable of retraining the child but one careless touch or undetected exposure to child sexual abuse or pornography can mess thing up. We look forward to being a part of your history

We know you would want us to replicate this system in your organizations?
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and give you solutions.