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Your Child and Sex 8–CURIOSITY & I (3-5years)

We examined the 4 golden rules of the body just before this module and I’m so certain by now you have been able to run your children through it. Yemisi was 5 and the only girl amidst teenage boys in her family comprising of cousins and...

Your Child and Sex 7–CURIOSITY & I (3-5years)

Every predator uses the line ‘don’t tell mummy and daddy because they will die if you tell’ or ‘they won’t believe you if you tell them anything’ Chukwuka was 4 when the houseboy started touching him and would ask them to play tango and suck which...

Your Child and Sex 6–CURIOSITY & I (3-5years)

Between 3-5years, children are supposed to go through the CURIOSITY & I module. The objective of this is to assist him/her differentiate between male and female as well as answering some of the questions they already have that bother on identity.  Your child at this age...

Your Child and Sex 5 – My Body and I (18months-3years)
Teaching age appropriate sexuality education to this age range requires a lot of creativity because like we rightly mentioned they have a short attention span and you must never be afraid to call the private parts by their proper names because many children are unable to report appropriately because if you are not used to talking them about sexuality issues they may not be able to report sexual abuse. A 2year old died in 2008 because her tummy kept protruding and no one could diagnose what the problem was until 
Your Child and Sex 4 – My Body and I (18months-3years)

We started looking at what to teach this age range in the last post ( and I must sound a note of warning here that your child is threatened by touch so be careful especially when you ask your help to bath your child because...

Your Child and Sex -3 – Ages 18months – 3years

Sola had just clocked 3 years when she was sexually abused by her uncle living in their house. She made to report to her mother but her inability to pronounce penis and the insensitivity of her mother ensured the abuse continued for 7 straight years. According...

Your Child and Sex -2
The world health organization some years ago declared child sexual abuse as a global epidemic and went further to state that we no longer have proper children. When was the last time you saw a child fly a kite, play '10-10' or ‘Suwe’ if those were the games we played as children and they were outdoor games which everyone saw you play what could be happening now that our children are playing indoor games that you have no control over?

Hello Friends, Happy New Year! 2018 promises to be great. Thanks so much for sticking through with us. We have decided to bring back one of my most predominant series in the course of the previous year. God bless you all. Sometimes in 2012, news broke...

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